St Vaast rally 2016


This is the second rally of the year and the first which should involve some proper sailing. I hope to see you there. We will eat together on Saturday evening (details to be arranged) and sunshine has been booked. Please see

for local information.


 HW Portsmouth Sat 30th April 05.32 BST 3.9m


HW St Vaast 30th April 02.31 and 15.30 BST

Rally Master: Peter Guy

Bembridge Rally 17th October

This is the last rally which requires a boat. Bembridge is a lovely harbour, especially off season when its natural beauty can be appreciated. As has become the tradition in recent years we will eat on board on one boat or more if required. This year Dave White will be cooking a fantastic chilli with a veggie option and we will all be asked to bring starters or accompaniments.


With 12 boats at Island Harbour and 11 at Yarmouth it would help if you let me know your intentions as soon as you can. Put your name up in the bar or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


HW Portsmouth 14:35  4.5M

Rally Master: Peter Guy

Yarmouth Rally Saturday 26th September



Our next rally is to the far reaches of the western Solent. Hard to believe but sunshine and a F4 have been arranged. We are expected but ,bearing in mind the 12 boats at our last rally, please let me know if you intend to go as soon as possible. 



Rally to Chichester 18th July

The next rally is to Chichester. The Chichester Yacht Club adjoins the marina at the top of this beautiful harbour and we will meet up there on Saturday evening. Please let Dave Clark know if you are interested.


Peter Guy


Three Rallies

While a lot of yachts were going round in a big circle last weekend, PSC held a rally to Curbridge. Five boats made it to what is now becoming an annual event in search of the source of the Hamble.

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